Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax

Otter Wax Heavy Duty Fabric Wax

Daniel Sheehan Co.

This product enables everyday leather wearers to keep their leather goods looking fresh and new while also allowing them to create the leather look that they want. Our all-natural heavy duty fabric wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and proprietary blend of plant-based waxes and oils.

This is the first and only water repellent wax that doesn't utilize paraffin, silicone, or other petroleum-based synthetic ingredients. Using Otter Wax is an easy way to improve the functionality and utility of virtually any item. It can be used to revive the waterproofing capabilities of factory-waxed or oiled clothing and is also an excellent way to waterproof untreated fabrics.

How to use Fabric Wax

Use on a variety of clothing and equipment, like jackets, hats, bags, tents and more. Rubbing the bar back and forth creates the perfect amount of heat to loosen wax and spread evenly into the top layer of fabric. Works best with natural fabrics, but is also usable on blends when natural fabrics are in the majority.

  • Thoroughly clean and dry item before application
  • Rub into fabric to create friction
  • Smooth out with fingers to create uniform seal
  • Allow item to cure in a warm, dry place for at least 24 hours
  • Reapply as often as necessary
  • Remove spot stains with Canvas Cleaner
  • Deodorize with Odor Eliminator