Giving Back

We will be donating 200 shirts at $12,000 retail value of essential basics for the growing homeless population of Los Angeles County. 

 Yvonne Jimenez - MEALS ON​ WHEELS

Yvonne Jimenez is my neighbor and has become a friend..  What was once a call for me to be of service has turned into a friendship that I adore.  From something as small as helping your elders cross the street, to sharing a hot meal with them, and showing concern for their well being makes a huge difference.. 

Caring for your feels good and is food for the soul..
At we believe in giving back. This week instead of offering massive discounts or promotions, we ask you to join us by purchasing any Henleys of which 20% of retail sales go towards charities we support 

Our Henley is a foundation of our business and also represents a core value of our business, and here are some friends we met along away while being in service and here are some of the charities they represent and we support!
Staff Sergeant Jonathon Blank
 Semper Fi
I am proud to call Staff Sergeant Jonathon Blank one of my dearest friends.  His story is too compelling and important too tell in just a a few short paragraphs..  He proudly made the greatest sacrifice while in defense of our nation and has taught me what the real meaning of brotherhood.   
Jonathon came out to spend a few weeks with me and design tshirts that represent his personal journey and this one says it all..
Spending time with our American Heroes and giving them an outlet to express themselves is our way of saying Thank You for all you have done.  This tshirt is powerful and inspires hope inspite of any obstacle.
At we believe the future lies with in our youth. We believe in fostering the minds of our future entrepreneurs and cultivating the leadership roles of tomorrow.

    Caullin Frey is a young man that I mentored while I was living in Georgia. His father was a vendor with whom I had  an excellent business relationship and mutual respect.  Caullin’s father, Werner, reached out to me and asked me to speak to Caullin who was having a difficult time after the sudden loss of his mother a few years earlier, while also coming out and to terms with his sexuality compounded with deep depression and no gay male role models.

    I am so proud of Caullin, who like me, has an overactive mind, razor-sharp wit, and all of the insecurities that haunt gay youth in the journey of self-acceptance.  Caullin worked under my wing for a few months and I perhaps learned more from him than he did from me.  By being of service and available to our youth, we teach them that we do not have to walk alone. The power of connectivity and hope can change life’s destiny. There is strength in humanity and defining the 90 percent of us that binds us together rather than the 10% that separates…

    Caullin in his 17 years has overcome more than most have in 40. We need to support and fight for kids like Caullin and let them know that they are ok and exactly as they are supposed to be.  This young man will be in Congress one day!

    At we believe in the strength of our communities and those who came before us. Whether it's a helping hand across the street, a hot meal, or just a few moments of our time, we believe in respecting our elders. 

    With your purchase of any Henleys, we will donate 20% to charities we support!  


    I would like to introduce you to Matthew! The story goes like this! Matthew was on the way to the corner store while we were shooting by my studio. This handsome young man asked if he could pose with me... we took a few shots and THEN Matthew took a few pics of his own!!! The last pic in this series, well the photo credit goes to you Matthew! @leeah_queenb gotta get a camera in the little boys hands I smell some talent!

    At we even believe that our animals are a vital part of our community. As we move into cruelty-free manufacturing, and the future of cruelty-free products.

    20% will be evenly distributed and donated to the following charities: 

    Semper Fi

    Easter Seals

    Meals On Wheels

    American Humane Society

    Big Brothers And Sisters Of America



    Our LEATHERS Will NO  Longer be available, collect the last of the Sheehan Leathers and participate in good cause.

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