• Daniel Sheehan on Rules, Leather Suspenders

    “What I have to say about rules is... break them.”

    Leather suspenders. They were originally made as workmen’s suspenders and workmen’s suspenders were made with a little loop to go through the belt because men in the field were working and it had extra support so that your jeans or your pants wouldn’t gap down.

  • Know Your Measurements - Chest

    You may be wearing the most expensive, premium cotton, clean-stitched hand-made dress shirt. However, unless the fit is proper and true to size, you could be doing yourself a major fashion disservice and/or committing a major fashion faux pas. Everyone’s body is different.
  • History of the Henley

    The Origins of the Henley We’ve always had great enthusiasm for the Henley. Perhaps the most redeeming quality of the Henley is its versatility. It...
  • Five Ways to Wear a Turtleneck

    The turtlenecks greatest asset is its versatility. It enables several certain styles to work just as well as it does as part of a more dressed-down style.