People get more upset about measuring (and learning) their true waist size then they do about any other part of their body. This is understandable. The idyllic notion of what you think your waist size is will likely differ from the size you receive from an accurate waist size measurement.

In order to look your best, it’s critical to have clothes that fit you best. Everyone is different. We all have different body sizes. 

The importance of measuring to obtain your true size cannot be overstated. Having insight into this information will help you make better clothing selections while shopping on the rack as well as shopping online. 

Someone wearing an expensive pair of designer jeans a size or two below their true fit will be remembered for how tight those jeans looked on them as opposed to what brand of designer jeans they were wearing. With that in mind, we can begin taking some of our measurements. Please note that this is not a comprehensive measurement guide, as that would be exhaustive.

One way to find your true waist is to do what’s called a Teapot. The Teapot is right above where your body has a natural fold. It is also about an inch above your belly button. Measure the circumference of your body starting an inch above your belly button and going all the way around. That number will be your true waist size.

daniel sheehan waist measurement

It’s important to maintain good posture and stand up straight during these measurements. Having another person take these measurements is also a good way to make sure your measurements are accurate. 

The next thing we’ll look at is the torso. Torso measurements are essential when buying waistcoats, shirts, etc. The key measurement we’re looking for here is how long your torso is in ratio to how long your bottom half is.

The starting point for this measurement is your high point shoulder. If you’re wearing a tee-shirt, it is easy to find. Follow the seam on the side of your shirt up to the top of your rib, an inch or two below your neck. Again, make sure that you are standing straight. Then, measure from your high point shoulder down to where you would naturally wear your pants.

Next, you’ll want to measure from your high point shoulder down to your belly button. An inch above where your belly button resides is where your true waist is.

To determine your high hip, you should measure around your hip bone and above your buttocks. The low hip measurement is determined by going around the juiciest part of your body, the back of your buttocks.

We’ll go more in-depth next time and discuss many of the remaining key measurements not mentioned here.

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