• Under an Overcoat
  • Sometimes style and practicality are so hopelessly off-kilter that finding something that (a) looks half-decent, (b) is genuinely easy to wear, and (c) is comfortable to wear, is just asking too much. However, when worn under an overcoat, a turtleneck is an excellent way to brave low temperatures while still maintaining an instant level of professionalism.

    daniel sheehan turtleneck overcoat

  • Layer Player
  • The turtlenecks greatest asset is its versatility. It enables several certain styles to work just as well as it does as part of a more dressed-down style. A turtleneck can look surprisingly handsome under even a flannel. Want to relive the Ivy League days? Try a turtleneck under an Oxford shirt to really embrace your inner “preppy” self. 

  • Under a Leather Jacket
  • Are you the rebellious type? Even if the answer to that question is no, you can still show off your rebellious side by wearing your turtleneck under a leather jacket. This look was originally popularized by James Dean, and it’s all about being cool. 

    If your mind doesn’t instantly associate “cool” with James Dean, you need to take a big step back. The teen heartthrob was in only three films before being killed in a high-speed car accident, yet his stature as the King of “Cool” is sky-high. In order to pull the look off as seamlessly as Mr. Dean, go for the classic high contrast look of a black leather jacket and white turtleneck.

  • Under A Blazer
  • To create a more casual yet still sophisticated look, donning a blazer automatically elevates anything its paired with. A turtleneck makes this look a bit more casual, thus complementing almost any occasion. While you may want to hold off on this style going into the office or to some other formal place/event, it is the perfect complement to any casual look.

    sheehan turtleneck

  • On its Own
  • The power of the turtleneck by itself cannot be discounted. It’s becoming common to see more and more male celebrities donning a stylish turtleneck on the red carpet. The turtleneck can easily standalone tucked into a great pair of jeans, or chino pants. While this may be one of the more common looks that people default to when wearing turtlenecks, it’s by no means an understatement.

    sheehan turtleneck short sleeve

    Something to Remember

    Because putting on a turtleneck can be a somewhat ‘vigorous’ activity, it’s important that you style your hair only after the turtleneck is on. Otherwise, you could go from looking your wonderful self to looking like you just woke up…in a turtleneck. And no one wants that.

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