Kato denim jeans are unlike any other kind of jeans that you’ve encountered before. There’s a reason for that. They evolve. Specifically, they evolve to better fit your body the more you wear them. Make no mistake: they’ll be comfortable from the moment you put them on. But, it’s after you’ve worn them for a while that the real magic happens. These jeans essentially become a part of you. They change as you wear them, and they’ll come to look just like you, making them distinctively yours. We offer many kinds of Kato jeans. 

“The Pen” - Mightier Than a Sword 

“The Pen” Slim 4-way Stretch Selvedge jeans are a marvel. Kato basically discovered a way to give jeans a multi-directional stretch, making it easier than ever to move in any direction with the greatest of ease. The genius of this is that Kato was able to do so without compromising, in any way, the denim’s authenticity. We understand that sometimes, when folks wear “stretch” jeans, they might be a bit self-conscious. These jeans eliminate all of that: unless you tell other people that you’re wearing stretch jeans, no one will ever know. 

Jeans to Match Your Style 

When someone thinks “denim,” they think of the traditional, light to dark blue color that so many jeans are. With Kato jeans, there are so many more colors available than that. To use “The Pen” as an example, you can get them in 4 Way Raw, Black Raw, Gray Raw, Rain, and Slash. Each of those colors are essentially an entire different kind of jeans. As they come in so many colors, you can find one that fits both your style and who you are. 

“The Hammer Straight” Kato Denim Jeans 

Sometimes, there’s a feeling that if you’re wearing “straight” jeans, you aren’t getting the same kind of style that you might with skinny jeans. “The Hammer Straight” jeans take a… well, hammer to that assumption. These straight jeans are as stylish as can be, whether you get them in “Raw” or “Night” color. Like so many of our other jeans, we offer them in various sizes, so that you can get the look and feel that you want. All of our Kato jeans are comfortable, but The Hammer Straight provide that straight-fit jean comfort through the seat and the thigh. With the classic straight cut from the knee to the ankle, there’s a timeless quality to these jeans. 


Daniel Sheehan Co. - More than Jeans 

As of this writing, if you go to our site, you’ll find that many of our Kato jeans are on sale. As these are sold, we’re always getting new items in. In fact, we recommend that you check our site often, as we’re always getting new products in. That said, we offer so much more than just the best in jeans. You can also find plenty of footwear, shirts, bottoms, leather products and so much more. To see everything we have to offer, head to our site. 

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