Many fashion trends are ephemeral. They’re very hot one moment, and then the next, they aren’t. People can forget why these “trendy” fashions were trendy in the first place. Some pieces, however, last. They have a robust history that is built upon. By taking what was great about something classic and then finding subtle ways to improve it, some fashion pieces can stand the test of time. Better still, they can be given to new generations to enjoy. That’s what the Classic Moc Style No 9075. Modeled after a legendary boot, these are iconic in their own right. 

The Classic Moc Style No 9075

Every part of this boot is impressive. You may know that it features Black Harness leather, with triple stitched quality, Goodyear welt construction, and white Traction Tread rubber out-sole. However, you don’t need to know any of that to know how impressive it is: just look at it. This is the boot that other boots are judged against. It’s been that way since the very inception, as this boot was modeled after Red Wing’s original work boot style. So, the construction of this boot takes a (literally) timeless style and then builds on it with the best present day methods and materials. 

Where the Boot Comes From 

Mining is one of the most physically demanding jobs there is. That’s true today, and it was certainly the case back when Red Wing was designing boots for iron miners on Minnesota’s Mesabi Range. The boots that the miners wore had to be strong, yes, but they couldn’t just be sturdy. They had to be comfortable, too. After all, the miners were going to be wearing these boots for long periods of time - if the boots hurt their feet, it wouldn’t matter how strong they were. Today, the 9075 still offers the best of all possible worlds: it’s built to last for a very long time while providing comfort and traction no matter where the day (or night) takes you. 

Red Wing Boots for All 

These are just one of the many different kinds of footwear you can find at the site. There’s plenty of other kinds of Red Wing boots that can fit your style, aesthetic, and life. Moreover, we make sure that they come in several different sizes, too. That way, you can get boots that fit you perfectly, both literally and stylistically. 


Fashion With Substance 

We know that you want to look good, but we also know that you want function out of what you wear, too. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer these Red Wing boots. These boots “get the job done” might be a cliche, but these boots really can. On top of that, you can find plenty of apparel at our site. Whether you’re looking for the best in suspenders, t-shirts that send a literal message, Henleys, woven shirts, or basically anything else, you can find it here. For more information, you can find our complete catalog at our site.  

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